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Solar Equipment

About Our Solar Equipment

Smart Home Investments is a seasoned solar equipment company.  In addition to providing maintenance and installation services, we also specialize in providing the equipment you need.  We walk you through purchasing the right sized solar energy equipment for your property.  Our team is also able to help with financing options.  When you work with Smart Home Investments, we beat competitors by 10% or more with 0 down!  Request a quote now.

Providing affordable solar equipment and service is important to us.  Our team takes pride in helping Northern California buy or lease the equipment you need to create an environmentally-friendly home.  Contact our team today to request our services.  Call us today so we can start to help you eliminate your electric bill while reducing your carbon footprint.


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Know Your Basic Solar Equipment


Solar Panels

Solar Panels are the most vital piece of equipment for your solar energy system. These beautiful panels sit on the roof of your house and directly take the photon energy generated from the Sun. Talk to your solar energy contractor about their panels are cost effective and have the best warranty. Solar panels are very low maintenance parts because it is idle and doesn’t rust easily as opposed to moving parts. It is recommended to check on your panels every now and then because debris or dirt can affect how much light energy is being absorbed by the panels. As you check up on your panels, take note if you see a more concerning issue with the panels like cracks, call a local solar energy contractor.

Mounting Equipment

It is a very common misconception that solar panels are installed directly on the roof. Most roofs are not at the best angle for sunlight. During installation, panels are mounted on an angles rack, so the panel can get the most sunlight.

Tracking Mounts

If you want to go with a fancier system, you can get tracking mounts installed. Tracking mounts can detect where the sun is in the sky and slowly move the panels throughout the day to get the maximum sunlight. Depending on budget, dual axis and single axis are available.



An inverter is what uses the converted energy from the solar panel and distributes it around your house. There are things to consider when picking out your inverter as there are several types and functions; sting inverter, central inverter, and microinverters. Some inverters are used to convert the lower energy into a high enough voltage to power your everyday appliances. Inverters can be also used for charging batteries. Depending on what purpose of your solar energy system is, ask your solar energy contractor for the best advice.



These rechargeable batteries hold the energy that was produced when the sun was out. They are constantly charging and discharging throughout the day. These batteries work as a backup storage for energy that is considered a better alternative to storing the energy on a power grid. Although they are an option for energy storage, they are highly recommended like during those sizzling summer nights when you need the AC blowing.


Grid-Tied Systems

Depending on the situation, sometimes tying your solar energy system to a power grid could be more beneficial. In this case, your solar power is fed directly to the power grid and your home uses that power. Typically, you are billed for the difference between the power you use and the power you produce. Therefore, you can potentially make money if you use less power than your system produces. In a grid-tied system, a battery is optional. Therefore, a charge controller is optional. You may wish to have a battery and charge controller in the event of power grid failure. With grid-tied systems, you can still power your home.