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Investing in Your Property

Solar Energy Services

We are dedicated to home improvements and solar energy by helping our clients have solar positive investment. Smart Home Investments understand that your property is one of your biggest assets and we look to help you increase the value and lower your utility costs at the same time. Contact us to find out about government rebates and financing options.

Solar Equipment

We walk you through purchasing the right size solar energy equipment for your property.  We help with financing options.

Solar Installation

Our solar technicians are trained to professionally install your solar energy equipment and advise you on warranty information.

Energy Audit

We offer energy audits that can help lower your usage and cost for additional solar equipment.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Our on-going maintenance can help you maximize your solar power and extend the life of your equipment.

Additional Services


We offer roofing installation, maintenance and repair.   Our roof technicians have over 20 years of experience.  Call for an estimate.

Heating & Cooling

Do you need central heating, air conditioning?  We can help with the install of the equipment and vent your property, if you need it.   Call us for an estimate.


Does your home need plumbing upgrades?  Whether it is a full repipe or installing fixtures,  we can help you.   Call for an estimate.

Construction Services

We have a broad range of constructions skills including window/door installation, interior/exterior painting, flooring, carpentry and much more. Call us for an estimate.

Water Treatment Systems

We provide a whole-house water treatment system which utilizes advanced technology to ensure your family receives the highest quality water.

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