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Energy Consulting

Energy Consulting & Audits

Smart Home Investments is a solar construction company that has been providing energy consulting and installation of solar power systems for many years. Have you ever asked yourself why is your PG&E bill so high? You make sure every light is turned off and unused appliances are unplugged but still feel there is no end in sight. To make it easier for you, our professionals perform an energy audit to locate where your home is using up the most energy. Our team of energy consultants is highly trained in assessing home.


Energy Audit

A home energy audit helps you learn how to determine where it is wasted and prioritize your efficiency upgrades. They look for potential health risks such as electrical hazards and gas leaks. Making changes and upgrades using information found in an audit could save you up 30% on your monthly energy bill.

Energy Consulting

Smart Home Investments have been in the solar business for many years and is equipped with a wide range of knowledge on energy consulting. The increase of usage of energy has caused utility bills to inflate. Now our team is ready to fully your home’s power usage. Most noteworthy, we truly believe investments, in renewable sources, is the key to providing a clean, eco-friendly future. Call us or schedule an appointment to schedule an energy audit. We are ready to help.



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