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About Us

More than a Solar Company

Our goal is to ensure we add value to your property.

A new way to look at solar energy and construction services.

Smart Home Investments is your provider for residential solar power energy, roofing, HVAC, window installation and construction services.   We have a firm belief in the investment in sustainable renewable energy, by providing the solar energy we help communities reduce their carbon footprint and promote an eco-friendly home.

We are here to serve you – our services are guaranteed and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. 


To better serve our clients by adding value to their property through our services and quality workmanship.

Solar Power

Install | Maintenance | Financing

Roofing Services

Install | Maintenance | Repair

Heating and Cooling

Install | Maintenance | Repair

Window Installation

Installation | Repair

Construction Services

Remodels | Painting | Windows & Doors | Carpentry | Flooring

Water Treatment

Free Testing | Distillation | Softening | Filtration | Disinfection


Let our professionals demonstrate the value we can bring to your home.

Request a free solar energy assessment - See how you can lower your energy bill permanently.

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